Company Overview

What We Do

Terascala greatly accelerates the time to insight for enterprise R&D by eliminating I/O bottlenecks associated with simulation, analysis, and modeling applications. By accelerating the time to insight, we provide enterprises with a major advantage in bringing new products and innovation to market.

Terascala was founded in 2005 and has raised over $30 million in funding with investments from Ascent Venture Partners, Intel Capital, and others. The company is based in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Markets We Serve

  • Finance
  • Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Oil and Gas/Energy

The Problem We Solve

Network Attached Storage (NAS) cannot deliver the high throughput I/O required for simulation, modeling, and analysis applications. As a result, businesses have a lengthening time to insight or have higher risk and TCO from maintaining crucial data in fast growing proprietary scratch storage.

How We Solve the Problem

Terascala uniquely solves I/O bottleneck challenges by offering turnkey high performance storage on standard platforms from Dell and NetApp, which enables R&D to process data sets locally, then bridge at high speed to NAS for data protection. Competitive solutions have a much higher TCO than Terascala because they are proprietary platforms, require a larger investment in scratch storage, and do not leverage the existing NAS infrastructure for data protection.

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