Industry Recognition

Recognized by renowned organizations including Dell, EMC, Tradeworx and Intel.



For fast insight to action, the best software and hardware needs to be employed to achieve the highest levels of performance for our researchers,” said . “Once we started running our NetApp E5400 and E2600 with Terascala’s LustreStack, it became dramatically easier for us to manage resources, helping us reduce costs. We can now monitor performance in real time and provide 5GB per second of throughput to our research group, giving them the tools they need to test and model new algorithms concurrently.”

Scott Kornblum
Managing Director
Thesys Technologies, the infrastructure affiliate of Tradeworx

University of Minnesota

“With Terascala, we gained streamlined and simplified Lustre administration and monitoring along with redundant and robust hardware. The Terascala product enabled us to deploy a Lustre solution with minimal effort that met our performance and capacity needs just hours after the equipment arrived on site.”

Jeff McDonald
Assistant Director of High Performance Computing Operations
University of Minnesota

Florida State University

“On at least two occasions we requested support that was above and beyond what Terascala was required to provide. Terascala’s support team came through with flying colors each time by accommodating our non-standard requests. In an academic environment, where workloads are difficult to predict and demands on our systems are atypical, having a vendor who is willing to work with us in this way has been highly valuable.”

Jim Wilgenbusch
Research Associate
Director of High Performance Computing
Department of Scientific Computing
Florida State University

Michael McDonald
Assistant in Research / Systems Administrator
Department of Scientific Computing
Florida State University

Oklahoma State University

“I’ve certainly been very happy with Terascala support. In one instance, I woke up to find not only the error message from the management console, but also an email from our Terascala support engineer with easy to follow instructions for remedying the situation. We don’t have a Lustre expert on staff, so Terascala’s expert-level knowledge allows us to provide our users with a high-speed parallel file system that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.”

Dana Brunson, Ph.D.
Director, OSU High Performance Computing Center
Adjunct Associate Professor, OSU Computer Science Department

Sandia National Laboratories

“We purchased the Terascala product not only because it met our price point, but, because the company’s high-performance storage also included Lustre configuration and management tools. Having Lustre already installed and configured on the storage system made deploying to production seamless and administration of the file system and hardware easy to use. This storage system is critical to the research and analyst community and has proven to be a very reliable system. Also, the support Terascala has provided over the years has been great.”

Jerry Friesen
R&D S&E, Computer Science
HPC Production Systems Lead, CA
Sandia National Laboratories

United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

“Terascala’s technical support is probably the best support organization I have encountered in my 30+ years in the computing industry. Our Terascala support engineer knows the product and the environment around the product inside and out. I’m most impressed by the care they extend to the user. Ours is a very complex implementation, and to be honest, I was concerned about bringing it online and about what we would do when a problem occurred.”

“Since installing the Terascala solution, the only problem we’ve ever encountered occurred when we moved the equipment into a new datacenter. We contacted Terascala and the issue was resolved within two hours of our initial inquiry. Over the normal course of business, our email messages and phone calls are returned within the same day.”

“The system is rock-solid and we hope to continue our relationship and purchase additional solutions from Terascala.”

Leslie (Pete) Boyd
Senior Systems Engineer
Vision Technologies, Contractor
United States Environmental Protection Agency