High-Performance Storage Appliance

Tereascala’s fast data appliances are built for easy deployment, simple operations, reliability, and performance.

Fast Data Appliances

Terascala storage appliances are tightly integrated into Dell, EMC, or NetApp storage controllers and disk shelves, providing the best balance of price, capacity, and performance for enterprise R&D. With Terascala high-performance storage, R&D teams can read and write terabyte data sets and analysis and modeling can now be done in hours instead of days or weeks.

Designed for the enterprise, Terascala allows R&D organizations to focus on innovation rather than worrying about the complexities of what makes an efficient and robust high-performance storage system.

  • Quick and easy installation so that researchers, scientists, and engineers can focus on the application rather than the infrastructure
  • Simplified management and operations delivers the lowest TCO
  • Complete visibility into application service levels enabled by a simple UI and a fully redundant system ensures application service levels
  • Fast mean time to repair (MTTR) through a management dashboard



The Terascala Operating System is the enabling software which is distributed across all of the components to create a single high-performance storage appliance. TeraOS orchestrates the dependencies between the software and the hardware, simplifying the appliance management, monitoring, and tuning. TeraOS is critical to ensuring that users are able to focus on their applications, not the system. By abstracting the complexities in individual components, Terascala appliances deliver a reliable, predictable performance or application service level agreement (SLA).


  • Management framework
  • Analytics
  • Correlation engines
  • Middleware and agents
  • System configurations and settings
  • Kernel, drivers, and Lustre™ file system, which supports tens of thousands of clients, tens of petabytes of storage and hundreds of GB/s of aggregate I/O throughput
  • Web-based management, TeraView

OEM controllers and disks are tightly integrated with TeraOS and the system’s 600-plus sensors to provide real-time performance and health monitoring of the appliance and the storage.

TeraView UI Management

TeraView provides a single unified view into the appliance for determining system health and  performance, such as file system status, storage status, and throughput performance for each application. TeraView is web-based and within three clicks, users can get:

  • Single system view into the system
  • Application visibility
  • Fast mean time to repair


Terascala Performance Engine

The Terascala Performance Engine (TPE) is the foundation or core building block of every Terascala-powered fast data appliance. The TPE is tuned to effortlessly handle simulation, analysis, and modeling applications that generate large volumes of unstructured data. The base aggregate read/write I/O performance is 3-7 GB/s.

The Terascala Performance Engine includes:

  • Management and orchestration software for the appliance
  • Performance analytics for delivering application SLA
  • Over 600 sensors for monitoring the entire system in real-time
  • Fast resolution for hardware issues
  • Application performance tuning

Terascala Performance eXtension

As the number of scientific computing applications multiply within a compute cluster, organizations need a simple way to linearly scale performance. Terascala Performance eXtension (TPX) modules are the simplest way to increment throughput in multiple GB/s. When added to the base Terascala Performance Engine, a single TPX module provides 3 to 4 GB/s. Add more TPXs, and throughput grows to over 20 GB/s—all under than same management provided by the Terascala Performance Engine and tightly integrated with entire system for high availability and reliability.

  • Each TPX module delivers 3-4 gigabytes per second
  • Scale linearly up to multiple GB/s

For more information on how to buy Terascala storage appliances, visit www.terascala.com/partners.