Intelligent Storage Bridge 2.0

Data: Where and when you need it

Fast compute and fast storage are investments you make in your organization’s potential and the key to unlocking that potential lies in the vast amounts of data your researchers need to feed the applications running on those investments.  Unfortunately, the power of your technical computing resources often outpace the surrounding IT infrastructure, making  the process of  getting data from point A to point B in a reliable and timely fashion quite difficult.

That’s where the Intelligent Storage Bridge comes in.

Application and workflow focusedTerascala Intelligent Storage Bridge

You know that high performance data movement is more than just speeds and feeds.  The ISB is the first appliance of its kind to target the efficiency of your application workflow while improving the efficiency and reliability of data movement within your technical computing environment. This means fewer headaches for you, with faster times to insight and innovation for your researchers.

Powerful and simple

Without writing a single line of code, researchers can create scheduled jobs that move vast amounts of data to and from scratch storage based on time, the age of data, or the presence of triggers.  More sophisticated users can leverage the ISB’s command line interface or API to create more complex data orchestrations and integration with other workflow management solutions.

Break down barriers

As enterprise and technical computing worlds merge, there are often barriers to interoperability.  The ISB facilitates broad access to fast scratch data by providing transparent files system bridging for CIFS and NFS clients.  Now researchers can leverage on-demand “key hole” access to high performance storage for activities such as job monitoring and checkpoint validation.

Do more with less

With the ISB, you have the ability to move data on and off of scratch storage faster, allowing jobs to start sooner and when those jobs finish, the ISB can move any newly created results off scratch storage just as fast. This functionality reduces contention for the array with the next job in the queue.  For you, this means an overall reduction in the amount of fast scratch storage needed to handle your workload.

Download a technical datasheet here.