We are the HPC Storage Management Company

Never Down & Always OptimizedTM

Never Down & Always Optimized

At Terascala, we have pioneered software that lowers the total cost of ownership for HPC scratch storage by managing and optimizing data, performance, and reliability. We empower customers with exciting new capabilities and optimized solutions created in collaboration with our key partners, including Dell and NetApp. And we provide exceptional, industry-leading service to our customers across a wide range of industries, from life sciences and genomics to oil and gas.

Why is Terascala Different?

  • We are exclusively focused on HPC storage management
  • We collaborate with industry-leading partners to create optimized HPC storage solutions
  • Our technology is delivered with an exceptional price, performance ratio
  • We keep highly complex systems up and running at peak performance, with real-time analysis and automated phone-home support
  • Our people are committed to advancing HPC storage to new levels of scalability, performance, and reliability