High Performance Computing Storage Demands Exceptional Support

HPC applications need responsive scratch storage that’s always available. Delays are a nightmare for any organization that relies on an application as a core element of its mission. We build exceptional monitoring capabilities into our solutions to pinpoint problems before they happen. And we provide experienced, HPC storage experts – real people – to answer questions and resolve issues.

 What our Customers are Saying

“Terascala’s customer service utilized TeraOS to provide outstanding support for the entire storage appliance and has been a key component of our success with HiPerGator,” commented Erik Deumans, director of HPC for the University of Florida. Click here for the whole story.

“Our compute cluster uses a high-performance storage appliance that is managed by Terascala to serve the on-site development of advanced scientific applications,” explained Anne M. Hammond, director of IT at Tech-X. “For example, these applications may require simulating electromagnetic wave propagation in fusion plasmas. A typical local analysis could involve up to several terabytes of data, which is only possible due to the superior performance delivered by the cluster and Terascala’s TeraOS software.” Click here for the whole story.

“With Terascala, we gained streamlined and simplified Lustre® administration and monitoring along with redundant and robust hardware. The Terascala product enabled us to deploy a Lustre solution with minimal effort that met our performance and capacity needs just hours after the equipment arrived on site,” said Jeff McDonald, assistant director of HPC operations at the University of Minnesota.

What our OEMs are Saying

“Dell is focused on partnering with the best in the business to create very high throughput appliances that are required for customers’ technical computing environments,” noted Neil Klosterman, Dell’s HPC storage product manager. “The upgraded HSS 5.5 storage appliance has TeraOS validated on Dell hardware through rigorous testing by Dell HPC Engineering and Terascala. This will ensure that superior high-performance computing technology is available to our research and academia customers for mission-critical work.”